23-24 Away Colours Revealed? Bayern Munich, Arsenal, Celtic & Leeds Training Wear Leaked

Twitter user @ityty23 Images of some items from the 23-24 training ranges of Arsenal, Bayern Munich, Celtic and Leeds have surfaced online and they may give some indications of what colours we can expect to see on the latter two clubs' away kits.

23-24 Away Colours? Adidas Clubs' Training Wear Leaked

Images showing Adidas training tops, shorts and polo shirts from the 23-24 season could well give us some info on the away kits of the teams they belong to. Arsenal and Bayern Munich's 23-24 away kits (below) have already been leaked, and both match up to the accent colours used on their 23-24 training gear.

This suggests that the same will be true for Leeds and Celtic. Judging by these designs and some of the leaked 23-24 kits we've seen so far, Adidas have seemingly chosen to use vivid colours as a recurring theme for the 23-24 season.

Arsenal - Fluorescent Yellow/Black/Blue

The 23-24 Arsenal training top has a black base with a half and half two tone colour scheme for the accents. The Arsenal badge and right sleeve stripes are a fluorescent shade of yellow, with the Adidas logo and left sleeve stripes coloured blue. These colours correspond to the Arsenal's 23-24 away kit, which we leaked earlier this month.

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Bayern Munich - Black/Purple/Green

Like Arsenal's, Bayern Munich's 23-24 away kit was leaked recently. It has a black base and with purple and green details. The polo shirt here has a white base but the accents match up to those on the 23-24 away shirt.

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Celtic - Grey/Neon Green?

The 23-24 Celtic polo shirt and shorts have a silvery-grey base colour with very vivid green Adidas branding and club badge. The overall colour scheme is similar to their 22-23 third shirt. It is very possible that we will see these colours combined in some way on Celtic's 23-24 away kit.

Leeds Royal Blue/Navy/Turquoise?

The Leeds 23-24 polo shirt is blue with navy sleeves and electric blue details. Leeds have had their fair share of navy and blue away and third kits over the years so it wouldn't be surprising to see another one launched this summer. A vivid accent colour like the blue shown here would set it apart somewhat from the other blue kits in their archive.

What do you think of these colour choices from Adidas? Let us know in the comments.