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Dortmund 23-24 Home Kit Released

Borussia Dortmund have released their 2023-24 home kit. The new BVB 23-24 home kit has been designed and voted on by fans.

BVB Home Shirt 2023/24
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Marco Reus and Timo, BVB fan and the designer of the kit

For the BVB 23-24 kit contest, fans and designers submitted thousands of designs. The club pre-selected 9 designs - You can see all 9 candidates below - the winner is shirt number 1. According to the club, the BVB 23-24 home kit won by a large margin.

Dortmund 23-24 Home Kit Contest Winner Won't Be Announced This Year

Dortmund 23-24 Home Kit

This is the BVB 23-24 home shirt, made by Puma.

The Puma BVB 2023-24 home shirt is predominantly yellow with a distinct graphic on the front, inspired by the club's home stadium.

The collar and cuffs of the Puma Dortmund 2023-2024 shirt are black.

The Dortmund 2023-24 home jersey is closely based on a design that was submitted by graphic designer Timo R. from Marl to the competition last year.

Here's what Timo had to say: "100% identification: It should be a REAL home shirt. What makes a BVB home game special? The fans, the Yellow Wall and the stadium. 0% changeability: Stripes and patterns are nice, but if you change colors and the logo, leave out the stars… you know what I mean."

BVB 23-24 Home Kit - Recreated in FIFA 23

The Dortmund 2023-2024 hoke kit retails at a price of 90 Euro in the club's online store, making it 10 Euros cheaper than Bayern's 23-24 home kit.

BVB Home Shirt 2023/24
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