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Exclusive: Every Bayern Munich 23-24 Away Kit to Feature Different World Map Graphic

Last month, we leaked the Bayern Munich away kit for the 2023-24 season. Now we can reveal some interesting new info about the design.

The German giants are known for their iconic red and white home kit but the club has been experimenting with their away kits in recent years. The 2023-24 away kit takes it a step further, with a very bold black, green, and purple color scheme.

So far, two different Bayern Munich 23-24 away shirts have been leaked. The world map is placed in significantly different positions between the two.

World Map Graphic Looks Different on Every Bayern Munich 23-24 Away Kit - Randomly Placed on Each Kit, Also Because of How It is Manufactured

Every jersey of the Bayern 23-24 away kit is a bit different from each other. The standout feature of the new away kit is the all-over world map graphic that has been randomly placed on each jersey. The graphic itself is in different shades of purple and green, made up of diamonds that are an integral part of the club's logo.

The collar features a graphic of a world map. Unlike the design of the shirt, each logo inside the collar is identical.

The random placement of the world map graphic means that every jersey is unique and no two jerseys are the same. This is not the first time for a football kit but is indeed a regular feature of football kits having an all-over pattern. This is because of how the kits are manufactured from the fabric.

However, Adidas will actively promote the different looks with the launch, and it appears that the brand did even push it to make it more remarkably than it would be by default with patterned kits.

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