Manchester United "Desperate" to Find New Main Sponsor

Updated: All indications are that Manchester United will have Teamviewer on the front of their kits for the 2023-2024 season. Their leaked 23-24 kits feature an updated Teamviewer logo style. Meanwhile, Football Insider state that the club are "desperate to replace TeamViewer as soon as possible". Footy Headlines expect Man United to have TeamViewer on the front for the whole 2023-24 season.

Football Insider also report that talks are underway at Old Trafford to secure a new sponsor. However, a deal is unlikely to be finalized until the club's takeover process is resolved.

Manchester United 23-24 Kits Produced Later Than Other Teams?

There are some indicators that Adidas and Manchester United produced the club's 2023-2024 later than all other Adidas Elite Teams, in order to be able to react to possible sponsorship changes. For example, the Manchester United kits were the last to be leaked of any Adidas top club, more than two months after all others.

Oddly, the club's 23-24 away kit features a fully boxed sponsor for the replica, while the authentic has no box.

16 May 2023: Exclusive: Manchester United 23-24 Home Kit to Be Not Released Before July 2023? + TeamViewer Could Remain Sponsor

Some days ago, we leaked more concrete design info about the Manchester United FC 2023-2024 home jersey. Now we can reveal the launch date of the Adidas Manchester United 23-24 home kit, while there is also some news on the Manchester United x TeamViewer deal and the 23-24 training kit.

Manchester United 23-24 Home Kit to Be Launched Wednesday, July 12 2023

This is a prediction of the Adidas Man United home football shirt for 23-24.

The Adidas Manchester United FC 2023-2024 home football shirt will be launched on Wednesday, 12 July 2023 at independent retailers. The reason for the late launch date it is not known which brand will be on the front of Manchester United's 23-24 home kit as the Teamviewer deal is intended to end after the season.

The Man United 23-24 training collection will be already launched in May 2023

TeamViewer: No Exit From Manchester United Yet

Mock-up with loosely rumored sponsors by @UnitedPeoplesTV.

In the face of harsh criticism about the high spending on the Manchester United deal, Teamviewer and Manchester United looked for a solution to terminate their sponsorship agreement. As per the agreement, the club would buy back the rights to the main jersey sponsorship. Teamviewer would continue as a partner of Man United with a modified scope until the original contract period ends, once a new main sponsor is found. The sponsorship volume would be reduced to an annual amount in the single-digit million US dollar range.

It is "not foreseeable" when exactly Manchester United find a new main sponsor

But: so far, nothing has happened in this matter, as reported by local newspaper Südwest Presse. "When this [once a new sponsor was found] will be the case is not foreseeable. Until then, we will remain the main sponsor," says a Teamviewer spokeswoman.

According to earlier reports, the sponsorship agreement concluded with the English record champion in March 2021 costs the Goeppingen-based company a good 50 million euros each year.

Manchester United 23-24 Training Kit to Be Launched on Monday, 22 May 2023

Meanwhile, Adidas and Manchester United decided to still already launch next season's training gear in May 2023. The Adidas Manchester United 23-24 training collection launched on Monday, 22 May 2023. It is not sponsored by TeamViewer but by Tezos.

There was a last-minute change to the Manchester United 2023-24 training shirt. The tricolor Three Stripes were replaced with red Three Stripes.

Roma 23-24 Kits to Be Also Launched in July 2023

Manchester United are Adidas' only current Elite Team whose home kit is not launched before July. AS Roma's 23-24 kit will be also not launched before July 2023, but that's because of New Balance's current Roma deal.

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