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Odd: AS Roma Plaster SPQR Logo Over Regular Sponsor Logo

If you watched the Europa League match between Bayer Leverkusen and AS Roma on Thursday night, you might have noticed something strange about Roma's kits - the SPQR logo was applied differently on the kits than in previous games.

In case you missed why Roma have no main sponsor but SPQR - AS Roma suspended their sponsorship deal with DigitalBits ahead of their clash against AC Milan some weeks ago after several failed payments. Instead, the club now proudly display the SPQR logo on the front of players' kits. SPQR, which symbolizes "Senatus Populusque Romanus" or "The Senate and the People of Rome," holds great historical significance and is closely associated with the city.

Have AS Roma Run Out of Blank Away & Keeper Kits?

In previous matches, the club displayed the SPQR logo on clean jerseys. However, for the second leg of the semi-final against Leverkusen, the SPQR logo was placed over the previous sponsor logo, contained within a white box. This alteration sparked speculation about the club's motives.

It is unclear why AS Roma resorted to this modification, but one theory suggests that the club may have run out of blank shirts.

Upon closer examination of Rui Patricio's keeper kit, we noticed that the SPQR logo had been placed over the previous sponsor logo during the first and second leg of the semi-finals as well. This further suggests that Roma has exhausted all of their blank kits, particularly for their away and keeper shirts.

In the Europa League final against Sevilla, we strongly expect Roma to wear kits with the SPQR logo and put on a clean home shirt.

Did you spot the box? What do you think the reason was to have a box? Let us know in the comments below.