Vibrant 2026 World Cup Logo Variants for Host Cities Revealed

Following the unveiling of the official World Cup 2026 logo, the multicoloured variants for each of the host cities have now been revealed.

2026 World Cup Logo Variants for Host Cities

The 2026 World Cup logo is a big change from previous iterations. Focusing on customisation rather than any one particular theme, FIFA have now revealed the different colour variants to be used be by each of the host cities across the USA, Canada and Mexico. The number 26 element seems to be the the only part of the logo to be given a fixed colour in each case, while the background colours are interchangeable.

This is demonstrated by the branding images and videos shared by the individual Twitter accounts that FIFA have created for each host city. In some cases however, like the Los Angeles video above, we see that the number 26 element is shown in different colours for the same city, or even with several colours creating graphic effects within it. This suggests that each city has a "main" colour, while still leaving room for variability. It all gives the impression that the intention is to portray vibrancy and diversity as general themes, moving away from the national - or regional as it would be in this case - identity that has historically marked World Cup logos. Below you can check the different colour combos that have been shown off for each city so far.






Kansas City

Los Angeles

Mexico City


New York / New Jersey


San Francisco Bay Area




All cities, have an official World Cup 26 Twitter account, from which all of the above images have been sourced. They were all created in either April or May 2023, and for now have few followers, but they are all followed by the official Fifa World Cup account. The only one yet to post anything is Monterrey, but we expect that account to become active very soon.

What do you think of the varied use of colour for each city? Has it changed your original impression of the logo? Comment below.