Retro Inspired: Classy Benfica 23-24 Champions League & Cup Kit Font Released

For the 2023-2024 season, Benfica will not only wear the Primeira Liga kit font but also a new font for Cup competitions, including the Champions League.

Benfica 2023-2024 Kit Typefaces

In contrast to last years, Benfica finally seems to have started to invest some care in having a new custom typeface almost every year. The 2023-2024 season is no exception.

The Benfica 2023-2024 kit typeface is roughly inspired by the font used in the '80s, for example in the 1983-84 season but also recently when giving homage to one icon of the club, Fernando Chalana.

Thanks to Alfredo for the picture of the classic shirt

It is a white font with gold details due to Benfica's 120 years anniversary, giving the sensation the numbers have negative lines in them and creating a 3D feel.

We can compare and see that this year's font is more of a revolution than an evolution from the years before.

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