Kit Clash Between Juventus and Milan?

In last weekends Serie A clash between Juve and Milan, many viewers struggled to differentiate the two sides from one another. Complaints online were widespread, so let's take a look at how this could happen.

Juve and Milan Hard to Distinguish

Here are some images seen on the live broadcast, as well as some photos taken from just off the pitch. It is clear that Juve's mainly black shirt and black shorts clash with Milan's black shirt and white shorts.

Apart from the four red stripes on the front of Milan's kit, there are no major points of contrast, resulting in similar visuals from a distance.

Perhaps the only positive is that both teams wore their home kits. Juventus of course usually play in white shorts and socks, however not for 2023-24. Milan meanwhile tradionally wear white shorts and socks with their striped home shirts. This combination is always nice to see away from home.

None of Milan's 2022-23 kits fully work against black and white teams, since the third kit is inadequate to play against black.

Our opinion is that an all-white Milan would have been the best option, as this would not have been an aproximate reversal of Juve's outfit.

Do you think this kit clash could have been avoided? Was it even a kit clash?