Back to 2000s: Bayern München & Real Madrid to Both Have Similar Colored Kits in 23-24 Season

In an unexpected move, both Bayern Munich and Real Madrid will have two similar colored 2023-24 kits, leaks confirm.

The Adidas 2023-24 third kits having a streamlined classic scheme. Our expectation is that they will be a priority for use in international matches, with Bayern set to wear their third kit in home Champions League matches.

Real Madrid 23-24 Away & Third Kits

For the 2023-24 season, Real Madrid are opting for a navy away kit and a black third kit. This decision is sure to rais eyebrows among fans and pundits alike, as it appears to defy the traditional purpose of providing contrast and avoiding color clashes with opponents.

The white home kit, plus the navy away kit and black third kit seem to lack sufficient differentiation for some opponents. For instance, in a hypothetical match against Newcastle United or Juventus, Real Madrid would be left with no suitable kit to wear, as Newcastle and Juve don white and black. This peculiar choice evokes memories of the late 2000s and early 2010s when Adidas similarly provided Madrid with away and third kits that were very similar in color and design (the 23-24 kits have very different designs, meanwhile).

Back to the Past: Real Madrid's Decision to Release Similar Colored Away and Third Kits Recalls Late 200s/Early 2010s Era

Bayern Munich 2023-24 Home & Third Kits

Bayern München 2023-24 Home & Third Kits

Real Madrid are not the only Adidas club having two similar colored kits. Bayern Munich will have two kits with remarkably similar colors—a white/red home kit and an off-white/dark red third kit (to be worn in the Champions League, possibly also in home matches).

Bayern take the same direction

The decision to release two kits that lack contrast may be seen as a departure from the traditional purpose of away and third kits, which is to provide teams with alternative options in case of color clashes with opponents.

It remains to be seen how Real Madrid and Bayern Munich will navigate potential color clashes and ensure that their kits are distinctive enough to avoid confusion on the field. Ultimately, there is still the option to wear a kit from last season.

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What do you think of Adidas releasing similar colored kits in the same season? Which kit would Madrid wear in a potential match away against Newcastle in the Champions League? Let us know in the comments below.