Yellow Nightmare: LASK 23-24 Home Kit Voted Worst Football Kit of May 2023 Ahead of Juventus and Dortmund

Update: The result of the worst kit of May 2023 are finally in, shedding light on the kits that failed to impress fans. They have been determined based on 2,338 responses by you.

Worst Kit of May 2023 - Results

Worst Kit of May 2023 - Full Results - 2,338 Responses

  1. In-House LASK 2023-24 Home - 38.2% (894 responses)
  2. Adidas Juventus 2023-24 Home - 17.9% (419 responses)
  3. Puma Dortmund 2023-24 Home - 16.2% (380 responses)
  4. Nike Ferencváros 2023-24 Home - 3.8% (90 responses)
  5. Nike Wolfsburg 2023-24 Home - 3.6% (85 responses)
  6. Adidas Bayern München 2023-24 Home - 7.4% (173 responses)
  7. Nike RB Leipzig 2023-24 Home - 2.2% (52 responses)
  8. Nike Sporting 2023-24 Home - 2.2% (51 responses)
  9. Puma Girona 2023-24 Home - 1.8% (41 responses)
  10. Nike NAC Breda 2023-24 Home - 4.9% (114 responses)
  11. Puma AFC Borrow 2023-24 Home - 0.7% (16 responses)
  12. Nike San Lorenzo 2023 Third - 1.0% (23 responses)

Claiming the title of the worst kit with a significant majority of the votes is the In-House LASK 2023-24 Home kit, which garnered 38.2% of the total votes. The kit faced harsh criticism for having yellow sleeves because of the main sponsor Raiffeisen Bank. Indeed, it is not even made by a regular kit maker but by another sponsor, BWT (BestWater Technology). Therefore, the logos on the sleeves are pink.

The second in the rankings is the Adidas Juventus 2023-24 Home kit, with 17.9% of the votes. Fans expressed disappointment with the unique Zebra stripes design by Adidas - many would have preferred classic black and white stripes, and no yellow applications.

Puma Dortmund's 2023-24 Home kit secured the third spot in the poll, receiving 16.3% of the votes. And that despite it was voted by fans - however, the whole process for the BVB 23-24 home kit vote was surely not implemented perfectly - the 9 designs pre-selected by the club were already not popular among many.

With the beginning of the kit release season, Footy Headlines have launched an engaging poll, inviting football fans from around the world to cast their votes for the Worst Football Kit of the Month.

Worst Football Kit of May 2023 - Nike Dominate Pre-Selection

The May 2023 Worst Kit Pre-Selection is dominated by the big brands, with Nike responsible for 6 of our 12 least-liked kits.

The count of brands in the kits is as follows:

  • Puma: 3 (Puma Dortmund, Puma Girona, Puma AFC Borrow)
  • Nike: 6 (Nike NAC Breda, Nike Ferencváros, Nike San Lorenzo, Nike RB Leipzig, Nike Sporting, Nike Wolfsburg)
  • Adidas: 2 (Adidas Juventus, Adidas Bayern München)
  • In-House: 1 (LASK)

Four kits that have been disliked by the majority include some yellow.

An exception of the usual liked/disliked combos is the black, gold and white Nike San Lorenzo 2023 third kit - it is based on an old Nike teamwear kit.

The worst kit for many is the new home kit of Austrian club LASK. The club's classic white and black stripes have a unique twist that may be subject to personal preference. What destroys it are the yellow sleeves, which are yellow because of... their sponsor Raiffeisen Bank.

Which kit did you like the least in May 2023, and why? Leave a comment below.