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BSC Young Boys 23-24 Home & Away Kits Released

We have kit news from Swiss Super League today as Young Boys have launched their new Nike 23-24 home and away jerseys today.

BSC Young Boys 23-24 Home Kit
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BSC Young Boys 23-24 Home Kit

This is the new Nike BSC Young Boys home jersey for 23-24.

The Nike BSC Young Boys 2023-24 home shirt pays homage to the first YB jersey worn in 1898, featuring black horizontal stripes against a yellow background.

BSC Young Boys 23-24 Away Kit

This is the BSC Young Boys 23-24 away jersey, made by Nike.

Meanwhile, the Nike Young Boys 23-24 away jersey is predominantly white and gold.

Both jerseys have sponsor logos in a single color. The kit sponsors, including Plus500, KPT, Weiss+Appetito, Amag, Komit/TimeTool, and the league sponsor Credit Suisse, played a crucial role in making these jerseys possible by granting their approval.

Available since July 19, the Nike Young Boys 2023-2024 home and away jerseys retail at 119 CHF.

BSC Young Boys 23-24 Home Kit
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Made by Nike. Are you a fan of BSC Young Boys' home and away jerseys? Comment below.