Custom Nike Phantom Luna Boots Released

Nike have yesterday introduced a customized version of their latest football boots, the Nike Phantom Luna, through their customization platform called Nike By You.

All-New Nike Phantom Luna Boots Released - Retail Price, Manufacturer Country & Launch Date

Nike Phantom Luna Nike By You Football Boots - Based on Takedown Academy Version

The Nike By You Phantom Luna soccer cleats offering allows customers to personalize the boots according to their visual preferences and the surfaces they play on (Soft Ground, Firm Ground, Artificial Grass).

One notable aspect of the customization options is the wide range of colors available. Additionally, Nike are providing the opportunity for customers to incorporate a snakeskin-like print graphic design and metallic logos into the design of their boots.

Nike offer takedowns only via their customization platform currentlyHowever, it's worth mentioning that the custom Nike Phantom Luna boots are currently only offered in the Academy takedown version, and not in the Elite edition.

Interestingly, it appears that the takedown Academy Phantom Luna boots are exclusively available through the Nike By You customization platform, as opposed to being offered as a standard retail option.

Nike Phantom Luna Football Boots - Launch Editions Only Available as Elite Yet

The Nike Phantom Luna Academy customized boots retail at a price of 140 GBP. The Elite regular colorways cost you 255 GBP.

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