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Kilmarnock 23-24 Home, Away, Third & Goalkeeper Kits Released

The new Killie third kit was released on Wednesday, completing the Scottish club's kit set. The Kilmarnock 23-24 kits are made by Hummel and will be worn in the 23-24 Scottish Premiership.

Kilmarnock 23-24 Home Kit
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Kilmarnock 23-24 Home Kit

Check out Hummel's Kilmarnock FC 2023-24 jersey below.

The Hummel Kilmarnock FC 2023-2024 home shirt channels 90s nostalgia. It has blue and white stripes and a button-down collar with red detailing.

The mainly white back of the Hummel Kilmarnock 2023-24 home football shirt has blue names and numbers.

Killie Blue shorts and socks with Hummel chevrons complete the look.

Kilmarnock 23-24 Away Kit

This is the new Hummel Kilmarnock away jersey for 2023-2024.

The Hummel Kilmarnock 23-24 away shirt has a bold look, inspired by the remarkable discovery of penicillin, made by the renowned scientist Sir Alexander Fleming, who studied in Kilmarnock.

The design of the Hummel Kilmarnock FC 23-24 away jersey incorporates the visual elements of penicillin, which was discovered by Fleming in 1928. The chemical construct of the world's first antibiotic is fused onto the new crimson red Hummel Kilmarnock 2023-24 away jersey, with a cyber blue pattern illuminating the design.

Kilmarnock 23-24 Third Kit

This is the Kilmarnock FC 2023-2024 third jersey, made by Hummel.

The Hummel Kilmarnock 2023-24 third jersey is the same as last season, just with new sponsor logos. In contrast to last season, the colors of the sponsor logos match the shirt.

The Hummel Killie 23-24 third football shirt is inspired by the 1993-94 goalkeeper shirt. The Hummel Kilmarnock FC 23-24 third shirt is dark blue (Oxford Blue), combined with a loud multicolor graphic design.

Kilmarnock 23-24 Goalkeeper home Kit

This is the new Hummel Killie goalkeeper home jersey for 2023-24.

The Hummel Kilmarnock 23-24 goalkeeper home football shirt features a topographic map of the Kilmarnock waterways, depicted through a river of shades.

The colors used in the Hummel Killie 2023-24 goalkeeper home football shirt range between Killie Purple and Killie Blue, chosen to highlight the various rivers that run through the local terrain.

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The Hummel Kilmarnock FC 23-24 football shirts retail at 55 GBP, respectively.

Kilmarnock 23-24 Home Kit
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