Italian Amateur Football Teams Copy Famous Logos

Italian amateur football teams are copying logos of famous football clubs from around the world, as revealed by Reddit user Cerxa. He compiled a list of 20 Italian amateur teams that have copied logos of well-known teams like Bayern Munich, Arsenal, and Boca Juniors.

Logos of Small Italian Clubs Are Often Copies

The list includes teams from various regions of Italy, ranging from the 5th to 9th tier. The practice of copying logos is not unique to Italy, but it has become a prevalent issue in the country.

The legality of such actions is questionable, but in most cases, the big clubs are likely not aware of the copy.

Lodigiana (Lombardia, 7th tier) copied Bayern Munich's logo

Atletico M U Calcio 84 (Marche, 9th tier) copied Arsenal's logo

Arsenal Cusinati 2013 (Venetian, 7th tier) also copied Arsenal's logo

Statte (Puglia, 8th tier) copied Brazil's national football team logo

Baston Villa QRV (Lucca, 9th tier) copied Aston Villa's logo

Mezzomerico Calcio (Novara, 9th tier) copied Marseille's logo

Valsamoggia (Bologna, 9th tier) copied Newcastle United's logo

Quincinetto Tavagnasco (Piemonte, 6th tier) copied Vasco da Gama's logo

River Platani (Sicilian, 9th tier) copied River Plate's logo

Bravetta (Lazio, 8th tier) copied Paris FC's logo

Carpine 2016 (Venetian, 9th tier) copied Wigan Athletic's logo

Juventina Sant'Andrea (Friuli-Venezia Giulia, 5th tier) copied Tottenham Hotspur's logo

Virtus Roma (Lazio, 7th tier) copied Boca Juniors' logo

Pontesasso (Marche, 8th tier) copied Brighton & Hove Albion's logo

Simaxis 2014 (Sardinian, 8th tier) copied Leicester City's logo

Paradiso Collegno (Piemonte, 7th tier) copied Indiana Pacers' NBA logo

Fellas United (Roma, 9th tier) copied Leeds United's scrapped logo

Atletico SM Calcio (Lazio, 8th tier) also copied Leeds United's scrapped logo

Pol San Guiseppe (Campania, 7th tier) copied Premier League logo

ASD S Susanna (Lazio, 8th tier) copied Swansea City's logo

Noceto (Emilia-Romagna, 6th tier) copied Everton's logo

Tricerrese Andrea Bodo (Biella, 9th tier) copied Hibernian's logo

Which is your favorite copied logo? Are these amateur football teams lacking creativity, or are they simply paying homage to their favorite clubs? Let us know in te comments below.