Manchester City Use Striking Bespoke Font for Japanese Tour

Man City are currently on their pre-season tour of Japan and they're using a special font on their kits that borrows from Japanese culture.

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Man City Japanese kit font

We've seen quite a few teams over the years play with Chinese or Japanese namesets for certain friendly matches or Chinese New Year, but Manchester City have done something a little different for their pre-season tour of Japan. Rather than ditch the namesets we recognise in favour using the local language and it's symbols, Man City are using a bespoke font that takes stylistic cues from the Kanji characters that make up the Japanese alphabet.

The result is quite striking, and the colour combos add to the effect on both the home and third shirts. It has to be said that the use of the electric blue and neon pink namesets and numbers - matching the accent colours of the shirt - makes a real impression. The white names and blue numbers is a more reserved choice, although we're not too sure if the Premier League would allow numbering so close to the base colour of their shirt, never mind that extremely artistic interpretation of the number seven.

What do you think of the special font? Comment below.