All Adidas MLS 2023 Third Kits Released - No 3rd Kit For Inter Miami

All four MLS 2023 third kits have been released. Several weeks ago, MLS announced that there would be four MLS third kits in total in 2023, so it is practically confirmed that Messi's Inter Miami won't get one. The four teams who got a third kit are New York City, New York Red Bulls, Atlanta United, and Toronto.

It is the first time since 2021 that Adidas are giving MLS teams third kits. The exact criteria of what a team need to do to earn a third kit remains undisclosed, although it is believed that teams must sell more than 100,000 kits during a specific timeframe.

Adidas designed and manufactured the third kits when Messi was still a PSG player

Adidas designed and manufactured the third kits when Messi was still a PSG player, and Inter Miami only started to sell ten thousand shirts after his arrival. Inter Miami could very well get a third kit in 2024.

Adidas 2023 MLS Third Kits

The Adidas MLS 2023 third kits aim to embrace the culture of each club's city and feature bold and progressive designs.

Four MLS teams, including Toronto FC and apparently Atlanta United, have been selected by Major League Soccer and Adidas to receive third kits for the 2023 season.

The introduction of these third kits add excitement and diversity to the MLS jersey collection. The design of match, training, and goalkeeper kits is limited in the league due to the streamlined deal with Adidas, unlike in other leagues with multiple kit makers. Each team receive the same keeper kits, and each team also only get one new home/away kit every year.

Atlanta United 2023 Third Kit

Developed with Atlanta Influences Everything, the design of the Adidas Atlanta United 2023 third football shirt draws from the city's culture, evoking Krog Street tunnel's graffiti murals.

New York City 2023 Third Kit

The Adidas New York City FC 2023 third football shirt has been designed to pay tribute to the city's parks and their significant role in the lives of New Yorkers and the beautiful game.

New York Red Bulls 2023 Third Kit

The Adidas Red Bulls 2023 third jersey celebrates 50 years of New York hip hop. The black base is scrawled all over with white graffiti reading "New York, "1973", "2023", and "hip hop". All Adidas branding is red, while the back is plain black.

Toronto FC 2023 Third Kit

This is the Toronto FC 2023 third jersey, made by Adidas.

The Adidas Toronto 2023 third football shirt boasts a fresh and colorful look inspired by the Toronto Caribbean Carnival. The Adidas Toronto FC 2023 third shirt combines blue, light blue, and pink in a unique graphic design.

Are you a fan of the Adidas MLS 2023 third kits? Do you like that Adidas give only a few select teams a third jersey? Let us know in the comments below.