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Disappointment? No More Errea - Puma Parma 23-24 Home Kit Released - Sponsored by Classic Football Shirts

The new Parma Calcio home and goalkeeper jerseys were released today. They are made by Puma and will be worn in the 2023-2024 Serie B.

Parma 23-24 Home Kit
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This marks Puma's return as the Global Technical Partner of the club after a thirty-year hiatus.

Parma 23-24 Home Kit

This is the Parma Calcio 1913 2023-24 home jersey, made by Puma.

The Puma Parma Calcio 2023-24 jersey is a tribute to the club's rich history and the iconic Maja Crozäda (Crociati jersey) created by Ugo Betti and Torquato Rossini in 1913.

The Puma Parma Calcio 2023-24 jersey features a classic white colorway with the iconic black cross on the chest. It also includes a V-collar with Cyber Yellow and Electric Blue Lemonade accents, echoing the Gialloblù colors.

The logo of new secondary sponsor Classic Football Shirts is printed on the right chest, on the opposite side of the crest.

Blue and yellow disrupt the classic white and black cross

What is unfavorable with the new Parma are two things for us. First, the blue collar and yellow detailing around the cross disrupt the traditional white and black look. Second, the Classic Football Shirts logo comes with a border that is way too thick.

Fixed Parma 23-24 Home Kit

Footy Headlines created an "improved" version of the Parma 23-24 home kit, opting for a cross that includes both blue and yellow plus a smaller Classic Football Shirts logo.

Parma 23-24 Goalkeeper Home Kit

This is the new Puma Parma Calcio goalkeeper home football shirt for 2023-2024.

The Puma Parma 2023-2024 goalkeeper home jersey is red with the streamlined "Puma Speed of Action" graphic.

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Available since July 18, the Puma Parma 23-24 home and goalkeeper jerseys retail at 80 Euro.

Parma 23-24 Home Kit
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Made by Puma. What's your opinion on Parma Calcio's home and goalkeeper jerseys? Let's hear your thoughts in the comments below the article, and see the 23-24 Kit Overview for 2023-2024 jersey leaks.