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Derby County 23-24 Home Kit Released

Derby's new 2023-2024 home jersey was just released. It is made by Umbro and will be worn in the next League One season.

Derby County 23-24 Home Kit

Check out Umbro's Derby 2023-24 home jersey below.

The Umbro Derby 23-24 football shirt is a combination of a retro and modern look, taking inspiration from the club's popular home the Umbro Derby County FC 23-24 home football shirt between 1991 and 1993.

The Umbro Derby 2023-2024 jersey features a stacked diamond feature woven into the front-facing design with white sleeves, black and red flashes on the collar and shoulders, black shorts, and white socks with a flash of black and red.

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Derby County 22-23 vs 23-24 Home Kits

Derby 23-24 Goalkeeper Home Shirt

The Derby 23-24 keeper home the new Derby County 2023-24 home uniform is bright yellow with a black stripe and a darker shade of yellow on the shoulders, shorts, and socks.

The Umbro Derby 2023-24 home shirt is not available to buy yet. Derby will "soon" provide further updates on the launch and delivery of the away and third kits and training wear.

Made by Umbro. What do you make of the Derby's home shirt? Comment below.