Outstanding Juventus 2024 Pre-Match Shirt & Reversible Anthem Jacket Released

The Adidas Juve 2024 pre-match football shirt and reversible anthem jacket were launched this week. Made by Adidas, they introduce an outstanding design for the warmup before games in Serie A from January 2024 until May 2024.

Juventus 2024 Pre-Match Jersey

This is the new Adidas Juve pre-match shirt for 2024.

The Adidas Juventus 2024 pre-match football shirt boasts a unique and outstanding custom look. It is mainly navy with a flashy graphic pattern and white logos.

Torino's nightlife probably inspired the design

The graphic design of the Adidas Juventus FC 2024 pre-match jersey is probably inspired by the nightlife of Torino and neon lights.

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Juventus 2024 Reverisble Anthem Jacket

The Adidas Juventus FC 2024 pre-match jersey retails at a price of 70 Euro. The reversible anthem jacket is available for 120 Euro.

Made by Adidas. What's your verdict on Juve's pre-match football shirt? Comment below.