Bayern Munich's New 23-24 Champions League Kit Reacts to Heat Like a Plastic Bag

The new 23-24 third/Champions League kit of Bayern Munich's players caused some discomfort during yesterday's Supercup match against Leipzig.

Is Bayern Munich's New Kit Causing Discomfort to the Players In Warm and Humid Temperatures?

The authentic version of the Adidas Bayern Munich 23-24 Champions League jersey had poor breathability, making the player's skin visible behind it and sticking to their bodies like plastic bags.

The issue with the authentic Bayern Munich kit was exacerbated by the high humidity of 80% in Munich. However, this is not a problem specific to Bayern's kit, but also occurred at the 2022 World Cup and in previous friendlies.

Nike's Leipzig kits had no problem.

On the other hand, Nike's Leipzig kits had no problem.

It remains to be seen if Adidas will improve the breathability of their jerseys already during the season, but we do not think so. If Adidas are aware of the problem (which we are very sure they are), it appears most likely that an improved material will be introduced for the Euro 2024 kits. The Euro 2024 will be launched in March 2024 already. A few months later, the same improved material could be used for the 2024-25 club kits.

Poor Breathability of Adidas Authentic Kits

  • First visible in the 2022 World Cup 🔙🌡️💦
  • Bayern Munich's new third kit caused discomfort during the Supercup match against Leipzig 🆕👕
  • The kit stuck to the players' bodies like plastic bags in the later minutes of the first and second half 🤦‍♂️
  • High humidity of 80% in Munich exacerbated the issue 🌡️💦
  • Nike's Leipzig kits had no problem with breathability 💪👕

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