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Designed by AI: Red Star FC 23-24 Home & Away Kits Released

Red Star's new 2023-2024 home and away shirts were released today. They are made by Kappa in collaboration with design studio UVL, who fed images of all of the club's old jerseys - as well as other photos from their archives - into an AI programme, which then came up with these designs.

Red Star FC 23-24 Home Kit

This is the new Kappa Red Star Paris home shirt for 23-24.

The Kappa Red Star FC 23-24 shirt uses a lighter shade of green than previous years as its base colour, with three white stripes running down the torso. The back and sleeves are plain.

Each stripe has fin black borders and another black stripe within it. Kappa's logo appears in red on the right of the chest and the shoulders.

Red Star FC 23-24 Away Kit

This is the new Kappa Red Star FC away football shirt for 2023-24.

Another striped number, the Kappa Red Star FC 2023-2024 away football shirt is white with irregular blue stripes featuring subtle gradient and blur effects.

A simple polo collar gives the Kappa Red Star 2023-24 away football shirt an elegant look.The stripes are present on both the back and the sleeves.

What's your verdict on Kappa's new home and away kits for Red Star Paris? Comment below.