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Mizuno Launch The 'Release Pack'

Getting fired up for the new season, Mizuno have launched the ‘Release Pack’, wrapping the Alpha, Morelia Neo IV β, and Morelia II, in some unifying red coats.

Mizuno 'Release' Collection

Check out all three boots from the new Mizuno 'Release' soccer cleat pack below.

Mizuno has released two new colorways of the Morelia Neo 2 and Morelia Neo 4 β series, which combine with the previously released Mizuno Alpha 'Fairy Coral' to create the Mizuno 'Release' collection.

Mizuno Morelia Neo IV β 'Release' - Fiery Coral/Bolt

Mizuno Morelia II Japan 'Release' - White/Fiery Coral/Bolt

Mizuno Alpha 'Release' - Fiery Coral/White

The Mizuno 'Release' Pack is available now.

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