More Balanced? Venezia Add Sponsor Logo to Kit

Venezia have added a sponsor logo to their kit, bringing a little more balance to the previously one-sided design.

Venezia Add Sponsor Logo to Kits

"Third time lucky" is the old saying, but Venezia have experienced a sort of inverted version of that with their most recent home kit. Their first two home jerseys from Kappa (21-22 and 22-23) were more or less universally praised for their elegant and original designs, and sold extremely well. Their 23-24 home shirt on the other hand, has turned out to be less of a crowd pleaser.

The launch version of the shirt.

The central aranciaverde band cuts the shirt in two, and the decision to place both the club badge and the Kappa logo on one side of that divide gives it an off-kilter look. The unflattering one button roundneck doesn't exactly fit the vibe the rest of the shirt is trying to give off either, but the lack of equilibrium is the main bone of contention for most critics.

The shirt was launched without a sponsor logo, instead bearing gold "Città di Venezia" text below the club crest, creating a stack of three emblems on the right hand side. Now, Bechèr, a producer of cured meat from Treviso, has become the club's main sponsor.

Their wordmark logo is certainly handsome, and has been coloured gold to complement the shirt's colourway. It's also traditionally placed in the centre of the chest, making it look a litte bit more like what a football shirt usually looks like and adding some balance to the design. The Città di Venezia text is gone which also helps even things out some, although the Omini logo could still do with being relocated to the right hand side in our opinion.

Placement too high on the away kit?

What do you make of this new sponsor? Does it have a positive or negative impact on the overall aesthetic? Comment below.