Updated Nike France Euro 2024 Logo Leaked

Nike will be updating the colors of France's logo for Euro 2024. And while the change will only affect the color of the logo, the impact of the change is significant.

New France National Team 2024 Logo

The France Euro 2024 logo retains the current crest but with altered colors that significantly transform its appearance. The current navy and white will be replaced with a new, much more pleasing colorway (for us).

The new France Euro 2024 logo lets the rooster standing out in full glory, with its wattle and comb now colored red, and its standing place green. The other parts of the logo will feature a goldish-yellow color.

The new France Euro 2024 logo is set to debut on Nike France's Euro 2024 kits, which will undoubtedly excite fans of the French national team.

France 2024 Home Kit

The Nike France 2024 home shirt will be mainly "Bright Blue", shifting away from the 2022 navy color scheme. Combined with this shade of blue will be "University Red" and white.

France EURO 2024 Home Kit Info Leaked

The colors of France's Euro 2024 home kit got leaked - the updated logo will stand out in the full colors on the left chest.

France Logo History

France Kits With Old Logo(s)

Nike's update of the French logo colors is a significant move that will give the logo a fresh look. The rooster, which symbolizes France, will now stand out more prominently, making the logo more visually appealing.

New France 2024 Logo - Facts:

🔹 Nike is updating France's logo colors for Euro 2024.
🔹 The logo design will remain the same, with only the colors changing.
🔹 The new logo will feature a red wattle and comb on the rooster and a green standing place.
🔹 The other parts of the logo will be goldish in color.
🔹 The new logo will debut on Nike France's Euro 2024 kits.

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