Smaller Nike Teams Print Giant Swoosh on Teamwear Kits

There has been a recent trend amongst teams outfitted by Nike regarding the famous Swoosh. Instead of settling for the original logo color, some kits use a clever trick to add a custom color helping with customization.

Smaller Nike Teams Recolor Swoosh

It seems more and more Nike teamwear retailers are offering the option to add a custom colored Nike logo on kits. This allows more and more smaller clubs, who receive teamwear, to represent their colors fully.

One recent example are Al-Nassr with their new shirts, which are based on simple teamwear.

Recolored Nike logo

The adjustment is quite simple and involves applying a new, slightly larger Swoosh over the original one.

Outline added to Nike logo

Sometimes there is even a differently colored outline around it, further enhancing the customization capabilities.

Recolored Nike logo with outline added

Turkey's clubs have been front runners with this trick, using it since a couple of years already.

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