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All-New Premier League 23-24 Scoreboard Launched

The English Premier League has unveiled a new design for TV broadcasts ahead of the 23-24 season.

Thanks to @marcadegol for some of the images

The updated 2023-2024 Premier League graphics are used by many smaller broadcasters covering the Premier League, while Sky Sports and BT Sports will continue to use their own scoreboards.

2023-2024 Premier League BT Sports & Sky Sports UK - Custom Design

2023-2024 Premier League Broadcast Design

The new 2023-2024 Premier League scoreboard features a modern and colorful design, with each team's kit colors used for the background for the current standing. This adds an interesting touch to the design, especially for people liking kits.

In addition to the scoreboard, all other graphics have been updated as well.

Twitter User Jokes About Large Size of Premier League Scoreboard

While the Premier League has not officially announced the new scoreboard, Twitter/X user @TheEditorDiary made a joke about its rather large size, promising to make it bigger with every fifth like until it could be seen from space.

New 2023-2024 Premier League Broadcast Design - What You Need to Know

📺 English Premier League debut new design for TV broadcasts

🎨 New scoreboard features modern and colorful design

👕 Kit colors used for scoreboard background

❌ Sky Sports and TNT Sports use their own graphics

Do you like the new 2023-2024 Premier League TV Broadcast design? What do you think of Sky Sports and BT having their own broadcast design? Share your thoughts in the comments below.