Spot the Difference: Empoli 23-24 Home & Away Kits Practically Identical to Last Season's

We have kit news from the Serie A as the new Kappa Empoli FC 23-24 home and away kits were released today. They appear identical to last season's kits, with only close inspection revealing some minimal differences.

Empoli 23-24 Home Kit

This is the new Kappa Empoli home shirt for 2023-2024.

The Kappa Empoli FC 23-24 home jersey could not be much simpler, as it is a plain blue shirt with white logo applications and some colouring on the sponsors.

The club badge is placed in the centre of the shirt and the neckline has a slight v.

Empoli 23-24 Away Kit

Check out Kappa's Empoli 2023-2024 away jersey below.

The Kappa Empoli FC 23-24 away jersey inverts the colours of the home shirt for a plain white jersey with minimal blue accents.

As with the home shirt. The only differences evident from last season's set is the slightly modified neckline, the stitching on the shoulders of this updated template, and some sponsor logo changes.

You have to wonder why the club bothered to launch these "new" kits rather than simply carrying over last season's shirts. It would have been an easy win for them in the sustainability stakes, but instead they've probably annoyed their own fans by trying to pass off these designs as something fresh.

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