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Adidas & Newcastle United Attack Castore

On Friday, 1 September 2023, Adidas and Newcastle United announced a kit deal. While this is nothing unusual, the way they did it can be seen as an attack on Castore.

"Leaking" the deal ahead of the launch

Attack on Castore? Adidas and Newcastle Already Offer Fans to Register for News About 24-25 Kit Launch

Adidas and Newcastle United did not only plaster the city with hints of the much-awaited comeback of Adidas as Newcastle's kit supplier. They did a few other things to hurt Castore.

Newcastle already looking forward to the 24-25 kits, while the new 23-24 kits by Castore were just launched

Coming soon, but the 24-25 kits won't be launched in 10 months time

The Liverpool-based sportswear firm Castore managed to sign a deal with Newcastle United just worth £5m per season. Now, with Newcastle United playing in the Champions League, this is certainly Europe's most undervalued deal.

Adidas pay 8x as much as Castore

No wonder Newcastle United's new owners wanted to end the deal with Castore ahead of schedule, but Castore relied on their valid deal. Newcastle attempted to buy out Castore's contract, but Castore refused to budge.

Adidas will be paying £40m to Newcastle United from next season, which is 8x times as much as Castore. Surly, both Adidas and, especially, Newcastle United are not happy with Castore, and they fired back.

First, the Adidas Newcastle United deal was leaked via a later deleted Amazon Prime episode. Just one day later, Adidas virtually confirmed the Amazon Prime leak by sharing a teaser picture that was easy to see as a confirmation of the deal.

Castore will surely lose money from 23-24 kit sales

With all that revenge from Adidas and Newcastle United, Castore will surely lose money from kit sales (and the club as well, but they do not seem to care). Newcastle United will still play in Castore kits for the next 10 months - the new Castore Newcastle 23-24 kits were just released a few weeks ago.

In case you were wondering - it was Newcastle United's previous owner Mike Ashley, who had agreed on these budget deals for the club, which came as a shock to the new Saudi Arabian owners when they took over in 2022.

Currently, Castore take all the profit from the stadium's club store

In a bid to take back control of their Gallowgate End store, the new Adidas deal also allows Newcastle United to do just that. Currently, Castore take all the profit from the store.

Adidas & Newcastle United Backfire Against Castore

💰 Adidas pay Newcastle reportedly £40m per year, Castore just £5 per year

💼 Castore did not let them buy out of the contract - deal valid until 31 May 2023

📹 Adidas Newcastle deal leaked, Adidas put adverts all around Newcastle, including next to the stadium

🆕📅 Fans can already register for 24-25 kit news - launch could be on 1 June 2023

💸❌ Castore will surely lose money on current kit sales as fans know Adidas will take over

Will Adidas and Newcastle United seek further revenge on Castore? Let us know in the comments below.