Gabriel Jesus Wears Fake Adidas Predator Boots (Adidas X Soleplate Fitted)

In recent matches, Gabriel Jesus has been spotted wearing fake Adidas Predator Accuracy boots (with X Crazyfast soleplate), thanks to Yusuf for this interesting find.

Adidas Predator Accuracy x X Crazyfast soleplate boots

Adidas created special custom boots for Jesus based on the Adidas Predator Accuracy shoe pattern combined with the soleplate of the X Crazyfast boots.

Before Gabriel Jesus switched to the Predator Accuracy boot from World Cup 2022 (November 2022), he was an ambassador for the Adidas X boot line.

Perhaps after a period of use, he felt that the sole of the X Crazyfast boot suited him better, so he asked Adidas to create a customized version for him, and Adidas did just that.

Jesus has been wearing these Adidas Predator x X Crazyfast boots since pre-season, before the new season kicked off.

Recently, Adidas has also designed custom boots for their stars such as Declan Rice and İlkay Gündoğan.

Declan Rice - Adidas Copa 20 x Copa Pure soleplate

İlkay Gündoğan - Adidas Copa Pure 'Parley' upper x Copa Pure 'Crazyrush' solepate

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