Macron x Marcello Pipitone Udinese 23-24 Third Kit Released

Udinese Calcio's new third shirt for the 2023-24 season made its debut in Milan during the Milan Fashion Week. Udinese Calcio's 2023-24 third uniform is a result of a collaboration between the Friuli-based club, Macron, and Marcello Pipitone.

Pipitone, an emerging fashion designer known for his sustainable and urban street art style, designed a unique and exclusive graphic for the shirt, moving away from the club's symbolic color tradition.

Marcello Pipitone wearing the kit he designed

Udinese 23-24 Third Kit

This is the new Macron Udinese Calcio third football shirt for 23-24.

The Macron Udinese 23-24 third jersey boasts a unique design. It comes with a black and white pattern inspired by the movement and energy of the team and their people, designed by Pipitone.

The pattern depicts people running

The pattern of the Macron Udinese Calcio 2023-24 third jersey depicts people running, creating an extremely dynamic and impactful effect in which the color yellow, present in the details and inserts, combines with the chromatic power of the contrast between black and white.

According to the press release, the "shirt's design is a representation of different individuals coming together to create a single body, a team".

Udinese 2023-24 Kits

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