Nike Chelsea 23-24 Third Kit Rips in First Match - Related to New Knit Pattern?

Chelsea debuted their new third kit away at Bournemouth, but the debut didn't look too good when Nicolas Jackson's shirt was torn.

Nicolas Jackson Ripped Shirt

In a ball dispute, Marcos Senesi pulled Nicolas Jackson's shirt and tore a huge hole in the back of his shirt.

Nike'd 23-24 third kits come with a new Vaporknit pattern

It is very uncommon for a Nike football kit to rip. What is odd is that it happened with the brand-new third kit, which has a different knitting pattern than the other shirts of the 23-24 season. It remains to be seen if it's a one-off accident or if we will see more ripped Nike 2023-2024 third kits.

Indeed, the knit pattern of the Nike 23-24 Elite Team Third Kits is mainly vertical, which may increase the risk of tearing.

This is one of the rare times that Nike has had problems with its kits

Regarding torn jerseys, we can mention Castore, who already had a number of torn jerseys this season. For Castore, it is certain that there is a general problem with their kits in the 2023-2024 season.

What do you think about this torn Nike shirt? Do you think it is related to the new knitted pattern of the Nike 23-24 third kits? Let us know in the comments below.