It Doesn't Stop: Castore Newcastle 23-24 Kit Rips Again

Update: It doesn't stop. In Newcastle's impressive 8-0 victory away against Sheffield United, the shirt of Anthony Gordon ripped in the last minutes of the game.

After scoring in the 61st minute, he pulled his shirt, but it certainly did not tear because of that. Instead, it happened later in the game. However, it is already the fourth Castore 2023-2024 football kit that ripped - a serious problem that, however, seems not to affect performance.

Update: Another week, another torn Castore kit. Ireland U21 striker Sinclair Armstrong's shirt was torn in the match against San Marino, which was clearly visible when he celebrated his goal. It did not go unnoticed, with the top comment referring to Castore's "quality".

Castore showing their quality again

August 2023: In the latest quality issue with Castore, Feyenoord player Igor Paixao's shirt ripped during last weekend's match vs Sparta Rotterdam.

Castore Kit of Igor Paixao Rips

This is not the first time a Castore kit has ripped this season, with Newcastle's Isac ripping his shirt earlier. While for Isac the ripped part was rather small and in the lower area, for Igor Paixao it heavily affected him in the destroyed collar area. He fastly got a new kit.

While there is no picture of the incident of Feyenoord, it appears to have happened when an opponent grabbed Paixao's collar area. The second rip within one week raises questions and concerns about the overall quality of Castore kits and whether we can expect more rips in the coming weeks.

What do you think about the quality of Castore kits? Do you think we will see more player kits ripping? Share your thoughts in the comments below.