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No Long Sleeved Version Available? Bayern Debut 23-24 Oktoberfest Kit, Sané Forced to Wear Mismatching Undershirt

Bayern Munich unveiled their new Oktoberfest kit during their match against Bayer Leverkusen. However, notable was the absence of a long-sleeve version of the kit, which left Leroy Sane, known for wearing long sleeves, in an undershirt. This undershirt drew attention due to a noticeable color mismatch with the kit, appearing darker.

Other than that, the Oktoberfest kit is definitely an unusual look for the club - it is green and features a mountain flower pattern, reminiscent of the Champions League kit. Notably, on the inside at the back of the neck, there is an edelweiss along with the inscription "Wiesn 2023," adding a special touch to the design.

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