PSG 23-24 Third Kit Received Late Changes, Sample Accidentally Shown in Promo Video

It looks like the new Jordan PSG third kit was changed late in its development cycle, with an earlier sample of the design even appearing in an official launch video.

Paris Saint-Germain 2023-24 Third
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While there is only one difference between this sample and the product that was released in the end, it's still quite noticeable.

Where the "final" Jordan Paris 2023-24 third jersey features rather simple logos, it was apparently planned initially to use iridescent logos. These iridescent logos could be seen in a Travis Scott Instagram story, which was our first look at the shirt, as well as a promotional video released for yesterday's release.

It remains unclear why or how the "sample" appeared in this video, but it's likely that it was just overlooked during the production process.

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