AC Milan Stop Sale of Inter Milan-Colored 23-24 Champions League Collection

Update: AC Milan have responded to criticism about their Puma 2023-2024 European collection featuring the colors of rivals Inter Milan. The club have stopped the sale of all items with the colors, including the pre-match jerseys and jackets.

It were the club ultras and the "Banditi Curva Sud Milano" in particular that led to the decision. They published an extremely popular post on social media calling the club to stop selling the collection with the "shit colors".

AC Milan will continue to use their blue and pink 2023-2024 third kit, quite logically. It has very little in common with Inter Milan, possibly except for the blue shorts.

Puma, the German sportswear brand, have released a new European collection for AC Milan recently. Some items in the collection, however, are suboptimal color-wise. This has been spotted by Italian football equipment expert @football_nerds, who shared the news on social media.

AC Milan 23-24 European Pre-Match Jacket has Nerrazurri Left Side

The Puma 23-24 European pre-match jacket for AC Milan features the colors of their city rivals, Inter Milan, on the left side. The right side is black and pale pink. However, if you only see the left side, it looks like the Nerrazurri kit.

Puma's decision to use darker colors for the jacket leads to confusion

The jacket is inspired by AC Milan's freshly colored third kit. While the third kit colors have nothing in common with Inter, Puma used darker shades of colors for the jacket. This leads to the impression of being Inter's colors.

Evolution, Or How it Happened

Puma use black, pink, and a dark royal blue for the jacket - two of them are the colors of Inter Milan

The Milan logo on the jacket is white and pink, which helps to break up the Nerrazurri look.

Milan 23-24 European Jacket - Mock-Up in Whole Nerrazurri

We created a mock-up of the jacket in pure Nerrazurri colors - it would make a perfect Inter Milan jacket.

No problem at all? Should Puma have opted for the light turquoise shade of blue seen on the kit? Let us know in the comments below.