FIFA Officially Approves Wearable Lower Limb Tracking System

Playermaker, a performance-tracking technology company, has been approved by the International Football Association Board (IFAB) and awarded the Electronic Performance and Tracking Systems (EPTS) FIFA Quality Programme certification, according to The Athletic.

Wearable Lower Limb Tracking System

The Lower Limb Tracking System is an AI strap developed by Playermaker to track technical and physical performance data, including time on ball, technical balance, kicking speed, speed, distance, acceleration and change of direction. This technology was developed in 2019.

By positioning the tracker on the football boot, it has unlocked a treasure trove of insights into performance and medical disciplines, primarily focusing on the lower limbs. This unique positioning allows for a more comprehensive and detailed analysis of crucial data points.

Currently, there are FIFA-licensed upper-body tracking devices, such as GPS tracking vests.

The wearable tracking system has been quality-tested by FIFA for many years to ensure that it is safe and does not pose a risk to players. In 2023, lower-limb wearable devices may also be approved under the FIFA Quality Programme for EPTS.

Playermaker has partnerships with over 200 clubs and academies, including Manchester City, Benfica, LA Galaxy and Norwich City, who use its technology to provide performance analysis.

The FIFA Innovation Programme project summary commented on Playermaker's technology:

In contrast to back-mounted wearables, this product allows for deeper insights into performance and medical disciplines, as the position on the boot generates data on the lower limbs.
It shows promise as a low-cost alternative for individual and team data collection and simplification of analysis, helping to make tracking technologies available at more levels of football."

As we step into this new era of football technology, the possibilities are limitless, and the game will never be the same again.

What do you think of the lower limb tracking system? Do you think this technology will be used by players in the near future?