Ridiculous: Zeus Copy Both Adidas and Nike for New Salernitana Kit

Salernitana just launched their new 23-24 third kit, made by Zeus. While it features a solid design, something else immediately caught our attention.

Zeus managed to "steal" not just from one but two brands.

Authenticity Badge - Adidas

The authenticity badge, placed just above the right hem, is clearly based on the Adidas design - the shape, border, background with repeating logos and logo placements are direct copies from what Adidas introduced for the 2022 World Cup.

Kit Technology - Nike

In addition, Zeus's 'Wave Knit' logo, which is placed on the opposite side, is clearly inspired by Nike's old Vaporknit branding, both in terms of the name and the styling of the logo.

While there are no obvious grounds for either brand to sue, we believe that Zeus can do better, and have shown so with the overall design of the shirt.

What do you think? Did you notice any other brands doing something similar recently? Comment below.