Expanded 24-25 Kit Overview
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Leaked: Unique Barcelona 2024-25 Collection Confirms Home & Away Kit Leaks

Apparently confirming the home and away kit leaks, the Barcelona 24-25 training collection has been leaked by none other than Gol De Sergio. It features some unique elements that are inspired by the 24-25 match kits.

Barcelona 24-25 Collection

The Barcelona 24-25 Collection includes a training shirt, T-shirt, drill top, travel polo and tracksuit.

Several elements of the Barcelona 2024-2025 collection preview the team's 24-25 kits. The collection does not give any hints at the 24-25 third kit, for which Nike are set to release an extra collection.

1. Half-and-Half Look + Colors, Including Club Gold

Most of the items of the Barcelona 24-25 collection use the same shade of gold as the home kit, officially called "Club Gold." The training jersey follows the kit's half-and-half design, creating a cohesive look from Camp Nou to the training ground

2. Half-and-Half Crest

The Barcelona 2024-2025 home kit has not only a half-and-half design but also a half-and-half crest.

3. Gradient Logo of Away Kit

Barcelona's 2024-25 away kit is black with gradient logos, which can also be seen on two of the team's 24-25 t-shirts.

Training Jersey

The Barcelona 24-25 Training shirt features a new cut on the shoulders for an improved look. The special feature of the Barcelona 24-25 Training Shirt is that the half-and-half design is still applied on the back neck of the shirt with two characteristic blue royal/red colors.

Drill Top #1

The Barcelona 24-25 Drill Top has a similar design to the training shirt with new cuts on the shoulders and a half-and-half design on the back of the shirt.

Drill Top #2


Travel Polo #1

The Barcelona 24-25 Travel Polo shirt #1 is a solid black with luxurious gold accents on the polo collar, Nike and Spotify logos. The half-and-half design is applied to the Barcelona Crest and the details on the crest are golden.

Travel Polo #2

The Barcelona 24-25 Travel Polo shirt #2 has the colors reversed from Polo shirt #1, with the main color being yellow with the collar, Nike logo, Sportify, and Barcelona Crest are black.


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