Castore "Face Losing More Football Clubs"

Castore, the sportswear manufacturer under fire currently, are in danger of losing more football clubs as complaints about their kits and other merchandise continue to mount. This is reported by The Telegraph, which apparently have a close connection to English teams sponsored by the brand.

Castore have been the subject of an unprecedented uproar in recent days over the Aston Villa 'wet-look' shirt fiasco.

Castore-Sponsored Clubs Face Smaller and Bigger Problems With Castore

A Telegraph Sport investigation have revealed that Wolverhampton Wanderers experienced similar issues with their Castore kit last season, while Charlton Athletic have held talks about their partnership with the firm due to fan complaints. Other clubs have also reported issues with the quality of match or replica shirts, late delivery of training gear, or official merchandise for supporters.

Castore Kit Problems Found by The Telegraph

  • Last season, Wolverhampton Wanderers faced problems with their Castore kit, which is similar to the issues Aston Villa is currently experiencing
  • Charlton Athletic are reportedly in talks to end the deal with the company due to complaints from fans
  • Many clubs have experienced delays in the delivery of training gear for players, official merchandise, and quality issues with the match or replica shirts
  • Castore have reached out to their other partner clubs this week to ensure they are satisfied with their jerseys

Castore have spoken to their other clubs to ensure they are happy with their jerseys. Many of them said that they have "become too big, too quickly", but there also has been praise for their bespoke designs.

An official from one club became exasperated when asked if they had experienced any issues with Castore, replying: "How long have you got? I've been working in professional football for 20 years and it’s really bad, to be honest; it’s really poor. Goodness me, I wouldn’t know where to start, really."

Do you think that Castore will be able to turn things around and rival Adidas, Nike, Puma as well as smaller brands like Umbro, Hummel and Macron? Let us know in the comments below.