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Chelsea 2024-25 Third Kit Info Leaked + Prediction

Update: CentreGoals. (@centregoals) have created a mock-up of Mykhaylo Mudryk wearing the prediction of Chelsea's 24-25 third kit. We provided them with the image of the kit.

Update: The launch is still nine months away - we still already imagine what the Nike Chelsea 2024-25 third kit will look like, as worn by striker Nicolas Jackson. The Nike Chelsea 2024-25 third jersey will be launched in July/August 2024. Chelsea have no main sponsor yet, so we opted for a sponsorless look.

Update: Designer grhaer9 has come up with a prediction for the Nike Chelsea 2024-2025 third kit. The designer has taken into account all the available information, including the leaked colors, upside Swoosh, and the all-over pattern on the anthem jacket. While the accuracy of the prediction is at least 75%, it is important to note that details such as the collar and sleeve cuffs may differ from the prediction.

The first information about the Chelsea FC third 2024-25 football shirt has been leaked by Gol De Sergio. Of course, it is made by Nike, but it features a different Swoosh than usual.

Chelsea FC 2024-25 Third Kit

This picture shows a possible look of the new Nike Chelsea third football shirt for 2024-25.

The Nike Chelsea FC 2024-25 third jersey has grey and black as the main colors, combined with prominent yellow and pink accents.

Officially, the colors are "Anthracite/Black/Opti Yellow/Pink Prime".

The most notable feature of the Chelsea 24-25 third kit is the upside Swoosh - a new design from Nike to add a highlight to their 24-25 third kit.

Chelsea 2024-25 Anthem Jacket

Chelsea 2024-25 anthem jacket has the same colors as their 24-25 third kit. The Chelsea 24-25 anthem jacket is predominantly grey and black with yellow and pink horizontal stripes on the collar. The upside Swoosh is yellow on the large Swoosh and pink on the small Swoosh.

Interestingly, the usual crest is replaced by the iconic Lion from the Chelsea crest, adding an element of surprise and intrigue to the kit. This is very similar to Adidas' design for their third kit of the year.

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The Nike Chelsea FC 2024-25 third jersey is available from July/August 2024.

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