All-New Adidas 2024 Authentic Kit Badges Leaked

Update: We will see the release of the Adidas 2024 national team kits in six weeks. We can already leak how the new authentic Adidas badge will look - it is available in a white/gold main colorway, plus an alternative black variant. We do not expect any more colorways to exist.

Adidas will release a new authentic kit badge for their football kits in 2024. Footy Headlines can exclusively leak this.

Adidas 2024 Authentic Kit Badge

The all-new Adidas 2024 authentic badge has a white and golden color scheme, fitting the premium feel of authentic kits.

Adidas ditched the remarkable triangular style of the old badge with a standard rectangle.

Adidas also releases an alternative black/gold version to be used for one or a few select kits (Belgium Euro 2024 home kit confirmed).

The Adidas authentic kit badge is placed on the bottom right of all authentic Adidas 2024 national and 24-25 club football kits.

The first all-new Adidas 2024 authentic football kits will be launched in March 2024 and used until summer 2025.

What are your thoughts on the Adidas 2024 authentic Kit Badge? Better than the triangle? Let us know in the comments below.