Football Kits From Malaysia Are Criminally Underrated - Here is Why They Are So Good

The Malaysian Super League, or MSL, have quietly become the global haven for football kits, captivating enthusiasts with their diverse and innovative designs. In a world where soccer shirts often blend into a sea of similarity, the MSL stand out as a beacon of originality and quality.

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There is an unmatched expertise in crafting football kits.

Malaysia Super League's Unique Football Kits: A Hidden Gem in the World of Soccer Apparel

Football is the most popular sport in Malaysia and this is reflected in the popularity of the MSL. The league has a large and passionate fan base, which helps to create a demand for high-quality jerseys. But that's the case in many countries, so there's another reason why Malaysian jerseys are at the top of the game.

One of the most compelling reasons for the brilliance of Malaysian football kits is Southeast Asia's undisputed dominance in the field of sports equipment. In particular, industry giants such as Nike produce a significant portion of their soccer apparel in the region, with over 40% of their workforce stationed in nearby Vietnam. This proximity to Malaysia has fostered an unparalleled expertise in the manufacture of football jerseys.

Malaysian Super League - Unrivalled Brand Diversity

Local Brands and Boundless Creativity

What truly sets MSL kits apart is the extensive presence of local brands. While European giants often rely on stock designs, Malaysia flaunts a thriving ecosystem of manufacturers, leading to unrivaled diversity and creativity.

High-end manufacturing quality with a pattern integrated into the fabric of the shirt

The MSL offer a staggering array of 13 different brands for their 14 teams, ensuring that no two kits are alike.

Adidas, Puma, and Nike, the major players in the football apparel industry, have most of their factories in Asia. The region has benefited from the big brand's expertise and investment, creating an ecosystem around which smaller companies have sprung up. This ensures high standards of quality, making Malaysian kits not just unique but also top-notch.

As football kit aficionados, we often find ourselves pondering what makes Malaysian football kits stand out.

👕👕👕 Check out all old and new Malaysian Super League football kits on Football Kit Archive

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