More Castore Quality Woes: Feyenoord Fourth Shirt Features Logo "Imprints" on Back

Castore's issues run deeper than just ripping or "wet-look" shirts. A much different issue seems to affect the new Feyenoord fourth kit.

We were recently made aware of the problem that affects more than one Feyenoord fourth jerseys that were sold by the club. It can be seen on the close-ups shared by one of our followers but also on a picture on the @feyenoordverzameling1908 account on Instagram.

Almost not noticeable on first glance, a very subtle imprint of the Castore logo and the circular shape of the club crest can be seen at the back of the shirt.

This is most likely caused by improper handling of the machinery during the process of heat-pressing the logos onto the shirt.

And while this is definitely on the less grave side of Castore quality issues, it once again shows the many challenges this up-and-coming brand is still facing. And for a shirt that retails at €90 (replica) / €125 (authentic), this is just not acceptable.

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