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Exclusive: Nike Create Unique Collars for 2024 National Team Kits

Update: We can leak the Brazil and USA 2024 home kits plus the collar detail of the England 2024 kit. Both the Brazil and USA 2024 kits have one-of-a-kind collars, with England to get a bespoke collar as well (even though we only know the back so far).

Nike are set to introduce unique collars for national team kits in 2024, Footy Headlines can exclusively leak.

Nike 2024 National Team Kit Collars - Unique Constructions and Designs

Nike have come up with unique collars in past years, but 2024 puts it on a new level.

The Nike 2024 kit collars are possibly the biggest innovation we have seen in the collar game in the past 10 years. For Brazil, Nike introduce a totally new constructed v-style "fake" Polo collar. For the United States, the collar cleverly shows off the famous stars and stripes.

It's the biggest collar innovation of the past 10 years

Brazil - Overlapping "Double V-Collar"

Brazil's kit features a double V-neck collar design that overlaps, creating the appearance of a polo collar while avoiding the discomforts associated with polo collars.

USA - Collar in Design of Flag

Meanwhile, the USA kit will have a collar that mimics the look of the US flag, with the right side navy and the left side featuring the stripes of the flag. The US collar will particularly stand out against the white base of the kit.


England's kit, on the other hand, has a contrasting navy collar with an interesting cross detail on the back. The shape and model of the England collar are not known yet.

We have no info on what Nike have in store for each team's away kits and other countries, but we are sure there will be more one-of-a-kind collar designs and constructions.

The Nike 2024 national team kits launch in March 2024.

Are collars an important part of kit designs for you? Do you like the loo of the Nike 2024 kits and collars for Brazil and the USA? Let us know in the comments below.