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2024 Copa America Kits Overview - All Leaked Shirts & Info

The 48th edition of the Copa America will be held in the USA next year. While we only know 10 of the 16 teams that will take part (the six teams from North and Central America will need to qualify, including hosts USA), we can already take a look at the kits of the 2024 Copa America.

The 2024 Copa América will take place from June 20 to July 14, 2024, and the winner will compete in the 2025 CONMEBOL–UEFA Cup of Champions ("Finalissima") against the UEFA Euro 2024 winner.

We also included the info about Mexico's and USA's kits despite both teams not being qualified yet.

2024 Copa America Kits Overview

Some teams, like Mexico, Argentina, Peru (home), and Brazil (home only), have already had their kits fully leaked, while others like Colombia and USA only have colorway information available.

Meanwhile, there is no info about the kits of Uruguay, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, and Paraguay.

Argentina 2024 Home Kit

The Adidas Argentina 2024 shirt features the country's traditional white and sky blue stripes, combined with golden logos, applications, and a golden font.

Argentina 2024 Away Kit

The Adidas Argentina 2024 away jersey combines a royal blue base with the colors of Argentina's flag, white and sky blue. The Adidas logo and Three Stripes are probably light blue; the AFA crest is sky blue and white.

Brazil 2024 Home Kit

The Nike Brazil 2024 home jersey is interesting. While it, of course, has the traditional color scheme of yellow and green, it comes with a second, very pale yellow.

Leaked: Nike Brazil 2024 Away Kit Info + Prediction

How accurate is the prediction of Corinth? According to designer and kit expert @hendocfc, Corinth's prediction is "quite off". Stay tuned as we hope to receive more info about the final design of the Nike Brazil 2024 Copa America away kit.

The Nike Brazil 2024 away jersey has a fresh and vibrant design. The Nike Brazil 2024 away football shirt combines a saturated dark blue base with a light blue and the country's traditional yellow.

Peru 2024 Home Kit

The Adidas Peru 2024 home shirt has the classic design of the country, projected on the Adidas 2024 template. It is white with the classic red Sash, plus two remarkable details.

Mexico 2024 Home Kit

Instead of the usual green of recent years, Adidas Mexico 2024 jersey combines a maroon base with grey for logos. However, this is not a new color for the Mexican national team.

Mexico 2024 Home & Away Kits
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Mexico 2024 Away Kit

The Adidas Mexico 2024 away jersey takes inspiration from Mexico's rich cultural heritage and the future of the country, resulting in a mesmerizing fusion of tradition and modernity.

Colombia 2024 Copa America Home Kit Info Leaked + Prediction - First With All-New Logo

The Adidas Colombia 2024 Copa America home shirt features a light yellow main color, officially called "Impact Yellow". Nothing more about the Colombia 2024 home kit is known yet, but if we look at other Adidas 2024 national team kits, we already get a feeling of how it could look.

The Adidas Colombia 2024 Copa America home shirt is being sold from March 2024.

Colombia 2024 Away Kit

The Adidas Colombia 2024 away shirt is the country's first-ever black player football shirt. Footy Headlines do not know the accent color yet.

USA 2024 Home Kit

Our latest info about the Nike USA 2024 football shirt says that it will be white & white with navy for the Swoosh. It won't be all-white as initially expected.

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