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Top 40 National Team Kits Brand Battle

It's the international break, hated by some and loved by others. To brighten things up for everyone, Footy Headlines, in collaboration with Football Kit Archive, are taking a look at the battle for the best national teams.

The Top 40 National Team brands battle is based on the latest FIFA Ranking released in September 2023.

Top 40 FIFA National Team Kits Battle

Original image by 433, brands by Footy Headlines and Football Kit Archive

Adidas and Nike have a stranglehold on the market for national team kits. The top 10 list is exclusively made up of Adidas and Nike, with no other brand coming close. Puma have the third most teams, but they lack the biggest (and also most expensive) teams.

Denmark (sponsored by Hummel) re the only Top 20 team not sponsored by the Big Three

Only one team of the Top 20 is not sponsored by Adidas, Nike, or Puma - Denmark x Hummel.

The top 40 list shows Adidas leading the way with 15 teams, Nike with 11 teams, Puma with 8 teams, and Majid, Joma, Kappa, Marathon, and Hummel each with 1 team.

Top 40 National Teams - Brand Battle

  • Adidas: 15 Teams
  • Nike: 11 Teams
  • Puma: 8 Teams
  • Majid: 1 teams
  • Joma: 1 team
  • Marathon: 1 team
  • Hummel: 1 Team
  • Kappa: 1 Team
  • Jögel/Unsponsored: Russia

In case you were wondering why there is no brand logo for Russia - the nation signed with Jögel but are still wearing old Adidas kits.

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Do you think a brand will challenge Adidas and Nike (and a little bit Puma) for the national team kit battle? Let us know in the comments below.