No More Puma: Zinchenko Officially Joins Skechers

Update: Recently, Skechers officially announced a partnership with Ukrainian left back - Zinchenko, he will become an ambassador of Skechers Razor boots.

During the last training session with Arsenal we spotted that Arsenal left back Zinchenko has switched from Puma King Ultimate to Skechers Razor boots and maybe he will join Skechers and become an ambassador for Skechers Razor boots in the near future.

Zinchenko x Skechers Razor

Switching to Skechers Razor shoes led everyone to believe that Zinchenko would join Skechers and become an ambassador for the Razor silo.

Previously, Zinchenko often wore Puma Ultra shoes until March 2023, when the King Ultimate shoe was launched, then Zinchenko became the King Ultimate ambassador until today.

Alvaro Morata also used to wear blackout Skechers Razor prototype boots but has since switched back to Adidas X Crazyfast boots and it looks like he will continue to stick with Adidas.

Skechers is showing its ambition

Skechers already has Harry Kane as an elite ambassador for the Skechers SKX 01 shoe and it is very possible that Zinchenko will become an elite ambassador for the Skechers Razor shoe.

Do you think Zinchenko will join Skechers and become the ambassador for Skechers Razor boots? Comment below.