Adidas Conext 24 Ball Leaked - To Be Used In FIFA Club World Cup

Update: Footy Headlines can leak official pictures of the official Adidas Conext 24 football. The ball will be launched in December 2023 likey.

Adidas will very soon launch the official match ball for all upcoming FIFA competitions, the Adidas Conext 24. The Adidas Conext 24 will be used in the 2023 FIFA Club World Cup and 2024 FIFA international tournaments.

Euro 2024 ball, 2024 Champions League Final ball (top - orange) & Conext 24 (left)

Adidas Conext 24 Pro Football - White / Black / Pink / Orange

A bold look, the Adidas Conext 24 Pro Ball combines a white base with black, pink, and orange. It is sure to stand out thanks to these colors.

Tech-wise, the Adidas Conext 24 Pro Football is the same as the brand-new Adidas Euro 2024 football.

The Adidas Conext 24 Pro Football retails for 150 Euro, to be launched in December 2023/January 2024.

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