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All Premier League Club Logos Redesigned by Chat GPT

Can AI replace humans in the design of football kits and team logos? @TheyThinkKits used Chat GPT to redesign the logos of 20 Premier League teams - the results range from laughable (Chelsea...) to pretty impressive (Newcastle).

Premier League Logo Redesigned by Chat GPT

Chat GPT's Premier League logo is quite similar to the original, but adds a lot of stuff around it. The lion is still in the center.

20 Premier League Club Logos Redesigned by Chat GPT

Most redesigned team logos retain the team's symbols and add a few other highlights. Others, like Liverpool's, are even almost identical to the official crest.


Aston Villa



Brighton & Hove Albion



Crystal Palace




Luton Town

Manchester City

Manchester United

Newcastle United

Nottingham Forest

Sheffield United

Tottenham Hotspur

West Ham United

Wolverhampton Wanderers

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