Bayern München Fans Protest Against Kits

Bayern Munich fans made a statement ahead of their Champions League match against Galatasaray by protesting against the club's kit colors.

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Bayern Fans Want Club to Wear Red/White at Home - Have Club Tricked Them?

The fans had a giant tifo to express their dissatisfaction with the club's decision to wear their black away kit against Galatasaray.

Bayern had established a rule that only allowed red and white home kits after fan protests in 2019, but it seems that the club is trying to bypass it.

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Indeed, it could be that UEFA required Bayern to wear the away kit as Galatasaray does not have a third kit, but it still seems strange as home teams usually have the freedom to wear the kit they want.

In their first Champions League home match against Manchester United, Bayern wore their white/red home kit.

Should and will the club should listen to the fans' demands for more red in the home kit? Will the fans try to have a stricter rule for the club's kits? Let us know in the comments below.